BH Cosmetics Brushers Vs Sigma Brushes

BH is Fun, Sigma is Classy; BH is Brand, Sigma is Status - But wait! Are these the only variations between the two? Definitely not! Read more to find out your right set of brushes.

BH Cosmetics Brushers Vs Sigma Brushes
Beauty industry is packed with competition. The increasing number of beauty blogs, cosmetic brands, makeup tutorials and beauty forums has transformed the face of the industry. A lot of high end brands have lowered their margins to survive the competition. However there are still a few left that prefers to stay expensive and exclusive, sigma brushes being one of them. The prices of these are so high that a lot of us cannot even think of getting one. Well, you don’t even need to cut on your weekend movie nights just to save money for a sigma brush. You have quite a number of alternatives, BH cosmetic brushes being one of them.
So let’s compare the two brands and help you compile your makeup brushes collection.

10 pc BH Sculpt and Blend Brush Set vs. 10 pc Sigma Kabukis

First, we will talk about the 10 piece Sculpt and Blend Brush Set by BH Cosmetics and the 10 piece Kabuki set by Sigma. The former set contains an assortment of large kabuki brushes and mini precision brushes like the ones in the Sigma set. Comparing the bristles, those of BH cosmetic brushes are soft but not as dense as those of Sigma. The difference in the bristles is more than justified by the price difference between the two brands.

Sigma brushes are approximately four times more expensive then BH cosmetic brushes. However, this fact does not imply that BH cosmetic brushes are bad. Both have soft bristles, the difference lies in the volume only. I would highly recommend BH brushes to those who are just starting out on their makeup experiments and are new to practicing highlighting, contouring, concealing and blending.

Now let’s have a closer look on some of the main cosmetic brushes.

Sigma F80 vs. BH Flat Top Face Brush

If we erase the brand name on both these brushes, you won’t be able to recognize which belongs to Sigma and which one is of BH. Both these brushes look alike in terms of appearance. However, as already talked about, Sigma F80 is definitely denser than BH Flat Top Face Brush. BH works pretty good at pressing the foundation so it gets well absorbed on the face, hence can be easily blended with the blender or sponge. 

Sigma F82 vs. BH Round Top Face Brush

BH Round Top Face Brush has comparatively larger bristles than Sigma F82. The latter is good at blending out the concealer while the former is pretty smooth at blending in the contour and blush lines.

Sigma F86 vs. BH Tapered Face Brush

These two brushes do not quite serve the same purpose, however they pretty much compliment the functionality of each other. Sigma F86 can be easily used to blend the concealer along the sides of the nose and also under the eyes; the BH tapered brush can then be used to set this blending with setting powder.

Summing Up…

BH comes in fun designs. You will find lots of colorful patterns and casings in BH cosmetics brush sets. Sigma is not very good with designs and bright colors. Young girls often find it boring while professionals think of Sigma’s decent design as classy and sophisticated. BH cosmetic brushes are dependable and good for people who like to stay on a budget. Sigma on the other hand is for those who splurge on luxury. Both brands have their plus and minuses. The quality is definitely different and so is their price. It all depends upon the functionality of the brushes, the way you use them and most importantly your purchasing power.

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