Empire Today vs. Home Depot Carpet

Carpet buying is never an easy job, not to mention how expensive this floor decorating activity could be. If you are on this expedition, it is highly recommended that you compare a couple of vendors, most importantly in terms of their quality, rates, designs, and pre and post installation services. This blog makes your carpet shopping easier. It compares two of the major brands in this industry; Home Depot and Empire Today.

Starting our analysis with Home Depot, you can find their carpets at every home depot store across the state. They have a vast variety of designs and thickness to offer. The colors are also quite attractive. But well, these attributes are all common in Empire Today’s carpets also; so, what’s the difference then?

Well, the first and foremost difference is in terms of their price. The former brand is known for its budget friendly carpeting solutions whereas the latter is comparatively a bit expensive. This difference however can be squared by using the promtoion codes and coupons that equates Empire Today’s cost quite close to Home Depot. The Empire Today promo codes are must to explore and review if you are planning to buy carpets for your place.

The next major difference is in terms of quality. Now this is something that varies from person to person. Every individual has their own definition and judgment of quality. A lot of people find Home Depot’s carpet to be of the finest quality and there is no doubt about it. However, if you ever to happen to meet an Empire Today’s carpet buyer, you will find them the most loyal to their brand.

Customer care is also an important factor to be considered in this regard. Find out the level of expertise each of them holds in this field; the creativity of designers, the expertise of carpenters and the courteousness of their sales representatives. Empire Today is well known for its pleasant and nice sales rep as well as their expert carpenters. It is also a good option if you are in a hurry to get your floor carpeted. You can have it installed the very next day. Home Depot does take a bit of time to get the installation done.   

This was a quick comparative guide to the two major brands. Now the decision is yours to make. Just make sure you do not rush into it. Visit both the stores, look for the design and color you want, meet their designer, compare the quality and rates, find out if any of them offers any deals and coupons and lastly but most important analyze their installation services and customer care.

Happy Carpeting!!

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