Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions stated within this page constitute a legal agreement that binds you (i.e. the visitors of Revealpromo.com) and us (i.e. Revealpromo.com). These terms and conditions applies to all the users visiting Revealpromo.com, hence the adherence of these is mandatory. It is highly suggested that you read and understand all the terms stated below.

User Agreement

It is understood that the users of Revealpromo.com adheres to all the terms and conditions stated as follows.

  • You are solely responsible for keeping secure your password and other login details. Revealpromo.com is not responsible for any misuse in case you allow some other entity to use your Revealpromo account.
  • Revealpromo.com can be used by any person above the age of 13. However, the end-user must be at least 18 years or above in order to buy any coupon from Revealpromo.com.
  • End-users and visitors in between the age of 13 and 18 must be accompanied by their guardian while using the website. It is assumed that their guardian have read and agreed to all the terms and conditions stated herein.
  • All the users and visitors of Revealpromo.com are strictly advised not to cause any unnecessary impediments especially to the other end-users and visitors of the website.
  • All users are equally important to Revealpromo.com. It is imperative that the end-user must not do something that violates the rights and privileges of any other user.
  • The end-users of the website are strictly prohibited to pass any kind of indecent, insulting, rude, profane, offensive, blasphemous, unreceptive or objectionable comment.
  • The end-users of Revealpromo.com must not, in any way, promote any kind of criminal activity or engage in illegitimate behavior.
  • The end-users are not allowed and thus must refrain from using the website for their personal marketing or any other kind of advertising purpose. They shall seek written approval from Revealpromo.com before engaging in any such activity.
  • The users shall use this website and all other affiliated sites at their own risk.

Arrangement of Resources

The end users shall arrange, install and manage the necessary applications and hardware required to use Revealpromo.com. The website is not responsible for any damage that may be incurred due to incompatible or incorrect use of resources.

Warranty/Guarantee Provision

Revealpromo.com and all the stakeholders of Revealpromo.com including its employees, licensors, merchants, affiliates, agents and third party content managers do not, in any way, offer any warranty of guarantee against the inaccuracy of the content, the facilities provided within and dependability of the deals/promos/service offered by the website and its affiliated sites.

All deals, transactions and correspondence that incurs between the end-users, agents, merchants and other affiliated parties are the sole responsibility of the respective stakeholders.

Amendment in Terms and Conditions

Revealpromo.com has the right to modify the terms and conditions stated herein, at any time, without giving any prior notice. The terms added/modified in this agreement automatically applies to the users of Revealpromo.com; hence is it highly suggested that the users go through the terms and conditions periodically.

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